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Our history

I mmobiliare 09 Villasimius is the union of young and dynamic professionals who over the years have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their clients’ real estate investments.

We founding members, Paolo Ledda and Nicoletta Atzori, following the completion of the technical and linguistic studies, have had over ten years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, to arrive at an in-depth work experience in Real Estate.

These experiences led us to believe that the field of real estate brokerage could improve quality, which is why we introduced strength and determination to train and innovate and thus open development and protection scenarios for those who want to sell and buy a house.

Our work excites us and pushes us to continuous and pleasant updates in real estate matters, our team is made up of technical and legal consultants who develop cutting-edge solutions to make real estate trading safe and profitable.

Our principles

We deeply believe in principles such as fairness and transparency, principles that we consider essential for the protection of the saver.

We know in detail the south-eastern territory of Sardinia, we operate in the municipalities of Villasimius, Castiadas and Costa Rei, a choice that allows us to reduce inspection and verification times.
Villasimius, a professional choice, a life choice.
We are natives of Villasimius, we live daily the splendid territory that south-east Sardinia offers us, we are active and operational in local associations at an entrepreneurial and sporting level, we are part of the board of the Villasimius Merchants Associated Association and of the Team Bike cycling association Green, we believe in collaboration between companies and in the healthy values ‚Äč‚Äčthat sport teaches.
“We are the professionals who deal with the bureaucratic, technical, legal and fiscal aspects, in one of the most important phases of your life, we are the people who carry out the sale of your home, leaving you the pleasure and tranquility of living it with carefree “


We carry out town planning checks to ensure that the house has been built exactly as per the approved project, we check for any changes in progress and subsequent variations.
We ensure the correct stacking and the correct graphic representation on the cadastral plans, an essential procedure to always have the right cadastral income.
We periodically update the mortgage records of each property or land, thus eliminating the possibility of binding or compromising your savings on mortgaged properties or even worse in the foreclosure phase.
We avoid the problems that often arise in sales between individuals.

“The first impression is always the right one”

We study a specific advertising plan for your home for sale, enhancing every aspect and placing it in the right market segment thanks to careful commercial evaluation.

We want to offer the best

Thanks to our Home Staging service you will see your home in a new light, that light that will make your home stand out and qualitatively distinguish it among the properties already on the market.
Professional videos and photographs are a distinctive and essential sign. Professional photographers will take care of getting the best out of your property to advertise it as it deserves, making it engaging and familiar, expressing its potential to the maximum.
Our organization is structured in such a way as to quickly activate all the necessary procedures, so you can carry out the sale of your home in the right time in complete serenity.
In the search for your new home we offer you the specific service for you, we listen to your needs, we collect them carefully and we work to find the right property, whether it is an apartment or a Campidanese house, a villa in Porto Luna or a land in Castiadas, a villa in Villasimius or a three-room apartment in Rokkaria.

Do you need to buy a house or sell a house in another city?

Thanks to our network of collaboration with professionals from other provinces and regions, we can offer you all the necessary services comfortably a stone’s throw from your home.

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