Who I was, who I am.
In my “old life” as my daughters call it, I was an entrepreneur, I managed for 30 years, a company that dealt with highly energy efficient insulation materials.
I have always been close to the world of construction, particularly residential ones. My confrontation with professionals in the sector (architects, engineers, builders) was daily and constant. Very often the “turnkey” houses were delivered, so I took care of the selection and choice of all the interior finishes and furnishings and accessories.

Today I am happily a home stager.
For 7 years I have mainly been involved in setting up and preparing properties for sale or rent, both short and medium-long.
The world of interior design has always been my passion and having been able to transform this passion into work is for me every day a source of pride and gratitude.

The approaches to Home Staging, for my part, are different depending on the type of “customer”.
My personal growth paths (especially in NLP) in this are of great support to me.My activities in particular can be summarized as follows

Home Staging for sale
I study the target audience and work on the setting up and photography of the property, with the aim of making it neutral and exciting at the same time. The goal is to attract the largest number of customers in the shortest possible time and sell at the best price.
Usually a property correctly proposed on the market through home staging is sold in about 48 days.
The type of intervention will change depending on whether the property is empty, furnished, semi-furnished, inhabited.

Home staging is essential on all properties (with the exception of those to be renovated), in fact, it is a real marketing action.
We always start from the reference target but unlike what happens for the sale, in this case the property is customized, activating techniques that I define “magnet effect” since they allow you to attract only people who are looking for that type of property Furthermore, we work on the characterization that guarantees differentiation from the competition. The photograph always taken from a Staging perspective will enhance the enhancement and guarantee attraction and falling in love at first sight.

Home personal shopper online.
Very often the property you buy is far from the owners’ residence, or simply the owners cannot / want to deal directly with the furnishings and fittings. In these cases I can intervene with online consultancy. Through an on-site inspection and / or a detailed analysis of all the technical and photographic material, after a discussion with the owners, I can create a complete proposal for furniture and decoration in line with the objective (private use, rent, etc.).

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