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We sell your home!

We offer you the best commercial valuation method, we identify the right buyer for your property, we take care of all the bureaucratic and advertising aspects, so you can make the sale at the right price and in a short time.

Such as?

With a simple sales assignment you won’t have to think about any kind of practice or procedure. Our engineers will take care of all the urban planning and cadastral aspects, professional photographers will carry out the best photographic services to make your home stand out on the market, this will allow us to better offer your home to potential buyers.

By relying on us you can take advantage of all the essential services to sell your home

Valutazione Commerciale

The commercial evaluation

Do you know the exact value of your property?

Proposing a property on the market at the wrong price can be an irrecoverable mistake, this causes irreparable damage, which can only be recovered over time with very long waits and discounts on the price.

Avoid wasting time and exhausting negotiations!

We will carry out a detailed inspection of your property, with surveys and measurements, this will allow us to know it in every detail and thus be able to process the commercial evaluation with the most probable market value, an essential step in order not to risk underestimating or overestimating yours. home.

The values ​​of the real sale of the area will be used in the calculation, a precise and reliable data that will give a further guarantee of success in the sale.

Our commercial evaluation is without obligation, it will be useful for you to understand the value of your home and with our advice you can have more information to decide whether to take the sales path. With the commercial valuation you will also be able to understand the real value of a family property in case you want to sell or acquire the shares. The commercial evaluation is written and dated, accompanied by a careful market analysis, in order to have a certain data and possibly compare it over time.

Offering your home at the right price will be essential for the success of the sale.

We prepare your property for sale

Your home is unique!

All things being equal, for every ten houses on the market, there are four buyers, which is why our home staging professionals will prepare your home in detail, take care of every aspect related to the harmony of colors, the arrangement of furnishings and accessories to make so that the visit turns into an emotional journey for the future buyer.

The spaces within each environment will be defined and enhanced to create the right atmosphere, this will allow you to sell your home in less time and at the best price, here are some numbers:

282 the average days of permanence of a property on the market
8% average discount on the sale price of the post home staging property
9 the average days spent on the post home staging rental market
90 seconds it takes a person to decide if that property is of interest to him or not

Time is precious! The cost of home staging is much lower than the cost of keeping a house on the market, unsold over time.

“There is never a second chance to make a good first impression”.
Verifiche Tecniche

Technical checks

You are selling your home, make sure you do it in peace and safety!

Avoid problems and concerns related to urban planning and cadastral regularity, whoever sells a property is responsible for it and responds directly in the event of irregularities.
With our engineers we will reconstruct the entire building and cadastral history of your home, from construction to today, this step will guarantee you the peace of mind of selling your home in complete safety and with the necessary guarantees.
If necessary, our technicians will be at your disposal for any urban or cadastral regularization, the certification of the systems, the issue of the certificate of viability or for any other related advice.
In full compliance with the law, we immediately produce the energy performance certificate (APE), thus avoiding the risk of sanctions and your home will be equipped with everything needed to make the stipulation.
A property in order and accompanied by all the documentation instills peace of mind and safety in the possible future buyer.

Marketing and Advertising


Your home already has its buyer!
The search for a potential buyer is an essential phase for the sales process of your home, our strength lies in the careful selection of potential buyers, in this way we make every visit extremely productive. The careful selection of the potential buyer for your home generates an optimization of the sales times and offers you guarantees of solvency and regularity.


We raise the level of visibility of your home!
Advertising is the step that precedes the live visit of your home, it must arouse interest and curiosity, it must be able to convey the right emotions from the first moment.
In the first presentation of your home it is essential to avoid images that fail to convey its real value and potential, you need the right light and the right shots, to do this we use the best professionals in the sector equipped with cutting-edge tools. Our photographers, directors and video technicians will produce images, videos, virtual tours, aerial shots to make advertising effective and engaging.

By choosing Immobiliare ’09 Villasimius you choose the best for your home.

We find your next home by the sea

How many times have you visited properties without the characteristics you are looking for?

Other times you visit motionless because you are attracted by the images, but once in place the exact opposite is revealed, narrow and dark environments devoid of everything you are looking for and were dreaming of.

Your time is precious! Optimize it.

By searching for your new home with Immobiliare ’09 Villasimius, you are guaranteed to view only properties selected for you, paying attention to your needs and tastes regarding the area, the distribution of the rooms and the internal and external square footage.

Through our new real estate portal of south east Sardinia you can view and discover your next house by the sea. Visit the house and take the measurements thanks to the virtual tour, download the floor plans, discover the details with the dedicated image gallery, check the energy class and the year of construction and for any doubts contact us by phone or e-mail, we are always at your disposal.

Remember, not all the properties we offer are advertised, make an appointment at the agency and find the right house for you.

Each house that we will offer you is carefully checked and equipped with all the documentation, proceed with your purchase without surprises.

The properties proposed to you are subjected to all urban planning and cadastral checks by our engineers at public offices, nothing is left to chance. From the moment of acquisition, we periodically update the mortgage surveys to avoid any problems in the bud.

We find your commercial space for your next opening in Villasimius

For the opening of your business in Villasimius, we will make a careful selection of business premises for you to avoid such unpleasant surprises as the lack of legal requirements. An in-depth experience and number and careful analysis will help you to carefully understand which commercial or craft premises are best for you.
By relying on us you will have all the technical and legal assistance, we check all the technical, town planning and cadastral documentation, we make sure that the electrical and water systems are compliant and certified, we verify the presence of the certificate of viability

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