Studio Lippi Luciano

Studio Lippi Luciano

Our studio offers intellectual services aimed at transforming our technical knowledge through the development of concrete solutions, our scientific, technical and specialist knowledge acquired over years of experience in the field of engineering into reality for our clients.

Thanks to our work, to collaborations with other trusted professionals and companies, we are able to follow clients from their first steps, walking alongside them to deliver their little dream of home.

We accompany our customers in every step, offering all the services they may need, from architectural design for new buildings and renovations, to the 3D graphic rendering of the project, from the study of construction costs, to assistance and research for companies of materials, from on-site assistance during the works to the subsequent cadastral updating and usability phase to obtain a finished result in the right time and with the right costs.

We provide assistance for the study of interventions aimed at obtaining financing and tax relief (50% renovation deductions, 110% energy efficiency, 90% facade deductions etc. …)

The firm also deals with assistance to businesses and commercial activities for business start-up and for the management of all occupational safety requirements to allow them to live their business without stress and bureaucratic worries.

Professionalism and intellectual honesty are our strengths that allow us to tackle each new project with enthusiasm and determination to satisfy the client.

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